Written By: Robert Sherlock

As we enter the age of Digital Transformation several key factors present themselves to IT Directors. How can they manage their current environment, plan for growth and do more with less? Enter the four major pain points that must be addressed by the IT directorate.

  1. Financial Pain Point
  2. Productivity Pain Point
  3. Process Pain Point
  4. Support Pain Point

The IT Director’s job is to translate the benefits of his ongoing technological shift into business terms and outline how the Data Center will support each application environment that business operations care about. Financial Pain Points brought on by aging infrastructure and the ability to operate introduce financial concerns. Do I refresh my product solution? Do I renew the current infrastructure warranty? Do I consolidate? IT Directors need to work within budget and reduce cost and maintain a level of excellence more than ever.

Productivity will be another point that the IT Director will face. The application process, policies, and workflow need to be addressed. Application workflow will require buy-in from the team and then have them sign-off, and then adopt the plan for new and existing application productivity improvements. Policy evaluation should be part of the deployment process for any workflow that deploys or creates resources in an application-rich environment running Resource Manager templates to create infrastructure.

Next, the IT Director needs to identify what needs to be fixed. Process pain points are perceived problems with technologies, designs, interfaces, processes, practices, and anything else that impacts people’s work or life. Process improvement is achieved by reducing nonvalue added steps in application design, development, and deployment as well as system hardware and software implementation. How do I bring a new application online? How will this application feed into other systems? What is the overall impact on the Data Center environment?

The IT Director needs to be a champion not only for the organization but for the mission at hand in this long journey. Being a team player will be crucial. Guiding with enthusiasm, integrity, and communicating both orally and in writing will be crucial in overcoming the support pain point for the entire organization. Are your customers receiving the support they need and are you meeting your service level agreements that were agreed upon?

The Journey is ongoing and with the help and guidance of a trusted adviser, all pain points can be overcome. ATP Gov is that trusted advisor who has been providing this level of effort for over 16 years. Whether it is a leasing requirement, redesigning applications, or a complete data center refresh, ATP Gov stands ready. From the client to the cloud, ATP Gov can assist with your journey.